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An Energy Insights Archive is now avaliable, containing all past episodes. Binge listen to all of your favorite guests while they discuss an array of topics from the history of the industry, benefits to the local economy, education on technical aspects of the business, and much more. 

To catch the live show tune into WMOA AM 1490 every Saturday morning at 9 AM. To sponsor a show, contact Billie at SOOGA via email or phone 740-374-3203. To listen to some of the most recent Energy Insights episodes and view the archive click HERE.


Jay Chapin Wins Paul Fulton Memorial Award for his research presented in his paper titled, Development of Remaining Hydrocarbon Recovery in the Clinton and Berea Sandstone Formations using techniques and lessons learned from Unconventionals. 

Chapin performed his research while completing his senior year in the Petroleum Engineering Program at Marietta College. Following graduation in May 2019, Chapin will be taking his talents into the industry. Chaplin was one of eight students who took part in the annual grant program. To view all of the papers and presentations submitted this year click HERE.

Pictured: Don Huck, SOOGA President, Jay Chapin, Marietta College and Matt Lupardus, Paul Fulton Committee Chair after presenting his research at the SOOGA Spring Membership Meeting.




A Country without "Fracking"? Look at Europe

By: Greg Kozera, Learnded Leadership, LLC, 2018

“If the Shale Crescent USA were a country we would be the number 3 natural gas producer in the world.” You have heard this before. It stunned a talk show host in Cincinnati when I said it. It got the attention of the Japanese in January. The large consulting firm Deloitte agrees. Even the White House Staff we talked to didn’t know. 

The rest of the story is, the only two places that produce more natural gas than the Shale Crescent USA are the USA without the Shale Crescent included and Russia.


Property owners say drilling leases delayed by bureacracy

By: Todd Baucher, WTAP News, August 16th, 2018

MONROE COUNTY, Oh, (WTAP) The Wayne National Forest extends through nearly all of Southeastern Ohio.  But the forest doesn't completely cover all of the regions's counties.

"You have to understand the Wayne National forest does not own every acre in that green area," said Monroe County resident Janet Conn. "You have to understand that real people live and work and own the property."

Conn is one of numerous landowners who agreed to lease drilling rights in the counties where the forest is located.

But the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has not allowed that drilling to take place, even though there's been an executive order from the Trump Administration to do so. 


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